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Tendon Injury in Regenerative Medicine

Tendinitis is an injury that is the result of overstressing a tendon. This injury can come from doing acute movements such as physical activities that your body is not entirely used to. After a significant initial injury, a tendon may become painful and inflamed for 2 to 3 weeks, and hence the condition is called acute tendonitis. If not appropriately treated with the RICE protocol or NSAIDs, continued overuse can result in repeated tendonitis and lead to chronic degradation of the tendon, called tendinopathy. Even worse, it may tear and completely rupture. Under extreme duress, a tendon may snap without prior warning symptoms. This is what we've seen happen with countless professional athletes who suffered complete Achilles tendons ruptures, for example, like Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant. We specialize in new technologies that allow for early diagnosis and perhaps prevention of devastating Achilles tears and ruptures, as well as the regenerative treatment options for these conditions.

We offer a myriad of regenerative medical choices to help foster joint and arthritis repair and rehabilitation. Other sports and exercise-related injuries such as: rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, hip labium tears, patellar tendonitis, ACL, PCL, meniscal tears, and carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated efficaciously with regenerative medicine techniques, staving off the need for medications or surgery. The regenerative therapies are administered by using minimally invasive techniques under ultrasound guidance in our offices. It is keenly crucial that the exact pathology is identified, and the expertly prepared regenerative treatment be delivered to the precise anatomic site, which we safely identify by ultrasound.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), is widely used in regenerative medicine. It is a high concentration of platelets that are taken and specially prepared in office, from an individual's blood. It helps to treat the tendonitis-tendinopathy disease spectrum by utilizing a vast number of growth factors contained within. These factors help contribute and accelerate the damaged tissue's remodeling and healing cascade. When PRP is combined with adipose-derived stem cells (from your fatty tissue), and/or FDA approved allogenic products like exosomes or placental matrix grafts, the potential to become pain free and restore function (without pharmaceutical pills or surgery) is highly achievable!

At Beverly Hills DRx Sports Medicine, we focus on the use of Regenerative Medicine and minimally invasive techniques to diagnose, prevent, and repair sports, exercise, and occupationally related injuries that rob us of optimal performance, function, and enjoyment.

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